In search of responsible soy is a new publication commissioned by the Dutch Soy Coalition that aims to provide insights in the key characteristics of voluntary soy standards and to compare them with each other.

The purpose of this publication is to enable those involved in the soy discussion to get a better understanding of the content, goals, scope, potential value and other relevant aspects of the various voluntary soy standards in the market. The publication should enable communities, CSOs and other stakeholders to gain a stronger position in the discussions around soy.

This publication mainly presents the facts on the different standards and does not express any preferences. The content is based on information that is publically available. Moreover some specific questions (e.g. on complaints mechanisms) have been put forward to the standard organizations themselves. The results were scanned by several experts in the field of voluntary standards for responsible soy.

Notification: The report, ‘In search of responsible soy’ has been updated with important factual corrections regarding the ProTerra certification program.

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